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Mori® Story


Mori® Vinyl Flooring was conceived when four friends with different professional expertise and a flair for interior design, decided to embark into the vinyl flooring business. When we first started, there was a monopolization of distributors in the flooring industry which led to limited options for over-priced flooring. There may still be reasonably-priced vinyl flooring in Singapore as well but the quality of such vinyl flooring is greatly compromised.

Getting “lean” to keep cost low


The makeup cost of the final flooring installed is not a truly functional cost; but rather, it has a multitude of brokers, distributors, vendors and sales rep taking margin. By the time the consumer gets a quoted price, the product is marked up 200%-300% more from the factory cost. Mori®’s mission as a flooring contractor Singapore is to bypass all middlemen, by shortening the supply chain and bringing quality products to consumers


The big word “Quality”


More than often, the word “quality” has been used in a misguided way. Price, country of origin, thickness and all irrelevant certifications have become the basis of determining the quality of products. Mori’s products are not just high quality, but we also aim to provide the best flooring products on the market. This means our products or floor tiles in Singapore must be appropriately designed with the best material suitable for localization (Singapore context), the thickest wear layer, and the toughest coating (Titanium). Our products exceed industry standards in terms of warranty and durability.


Our salesperson, the best technical encyclopedia


Unlike showrooms that carries dozens of brands, we specialize in our products. Some called us the vinyl experts in Singapore. That means we can give you our sound advice and the best possible support without pushy sales. Our product specialists are ready to share and educate you on vinyl flooring.


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